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Ron's Furniture Repairs, LLC
45 - 642 Holomakani Street
Kaneohe, HI
(808) 722-4961
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Furniture Restoration, Refinishing and Repair

Ron's refinishes, restores, and repairs all type of wooden furniture. We are experts in working with koa, mahogany, rosewood, oak, and teak. Ron's Furniture Repairs will help you take pride in the furniture in your home, or help you maintain a professional image at your place of business.

We specialize in restoring, cleaning and polishing fine furniture and antiques. Examples of our work can be found in the Gallery.

Ron's Furniture Repairs, LLC is the exclusive distributor in Hawaii for Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir™, the Ultimate Multi-Purpose Furniture Restorer and Cleaner. Learn more about Wood Elixir by clicking here.

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