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About Ron's Furniture Repairs, LLC

A number of years ago, I contacted two furniture repair companies to give me an estimate to refinish my dining table and chairs. Neither one took the time to explain anything to me, to give me any options, or to put anything in writing.

I jokingly told my wife that I should go into the furntiure repair business and put these guys (with poor customer service and professionalism) out of business. She said, "Go ahead", and the rest is history.

My plan was to teach myself the business a few years before I left the corporate world (senior manager with the Coca Cola Bottling Company of Hawaii), so that I would be good enough to take on some jobs. I bought every book and video that I could find on the internet and in book stores, and began to educate myself. Armed with this information, I started to "practice" on my own and my friends' furniture. I quickly discovered that I had a knack, and improved my skills with each passing day. After three short months of "practice", I went into business, and now operate one of the largest and most successful furniture repair companies in Hawaii ... surely, the fastest growing furniture repair company on Oahu.

My customers include private clubs, educational institutions, restaurants, moving companies (in Hawaii and on the Mainland), the military, and numerous local residents.

Ron Alba

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